My name is Jake Kennedy (John Kennedy if we’re getting really serious), and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer located in Zambia. I am from High Point, North Carolina, and I graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Sustainable Development (Go Neers!) I work in the LIFE sector (Linking Income, Food, and the Environment), and I couldn’t be happier to share my stories with you!

To fully understand what the LIFE program is, here is the Peace Corps’ excerpt on the matter:

“Linking Income Food and Environment (LIFE) Project

In 2004, the Forestry Department invited Peace Corps/Zambia to partner with it to provide extension services at the community level. The Zambian Forestry Department has no extension officers at the community level (Frontline extension officers). PC/Z is collaborating with the Departments of Forestry to address the issue of conserving the natural resources through promotion of agroforestry, soil conservation and management, improved gardening techniques, and teaching of basic business skills.

Volunteers work together with Department of Forestry staff and lead farmers to develop capacity at the household level. Volunteer activities address food insecurity and livelihood diversification of these communities, thus reducing pressure on forest habitat and natural resources.”